Monday, 29 December 2014

WizarDroid 1.3.0 released

WizarDroid 1.3.0 released

It's been a while since the previous WizarDroid release. It's been a very busy year for me. Started working for Rovio Entertainment (the company that made Angry Birds) and we recently had our first born. I tried to answer emails and comment on issues on GitHub as much as I could. Finally, I got some spare time during Christmas holiday and decided to clear out the bugs reported on GitHub.

I decided to increment the version directly to 1.3.0 since it has major refactoring to the way WizarDroid processes next and back steps. This also affects the swipe sensitivity that was reported. The animation now looks smoother. The following were fixed in this release:

  • Context variable values are now persisted after orientation change
  • Swiping among steps is working smoothly and not sensitive as it was before
  • ContextManagerImpl.persistStepContext() threw NullPointerException when handling Date types
  • Crash occurred when having more than one required step marked completed
In addition to bug fixes, the following changes were made:
  • Gradle Wrapper - solving the need to upgrade Gradle everytime
  • New Feature: Automatically hide soft keyboard on step switch - contributed by @Alexander-
  • Removed: Installing WizarDroid.aar to local maven repository via 'gradle install' command is not supported anymore. Either use WizarDroid's global Gradle dependency via Maven Central or include it as a library project in your app.
  • Upgraded to Android API level 21, including build tools 21.1.2 and support-v4:21.0.3

The future plan for WizarDroid

I'm planning to rework the sample app and make real-life example, possibly some kind of fast food ordering app. This is aimed to be release in 1.4.0. In the same release I'm planning to have instrumentation tests, which will run against this sample app to increase the quality of each release.

I recently made a search in Stackoverflow and found out a few questions regarding WizarDroid. I'm definitely going to take this feedback into consideration and I'm planning to make WizarDroid more dynamic, in a sense that you can define logical tests that will affect the wizard flow. The aim is to release it under version 2.0.0 as I see major refactoring required for that.

Regarding the actual timetable... well, I don't have much free time :D LOL.