Thursday, 28 May 2015

AndroidTV hackathon at Google Stockholm

On Saturday the 9th of May, I've taken a flight to Stockholm, Sweden to participate in AndroidTV Hackathon that was organized by Google Stockholm. Top 40 Android developers from across the nordics have gathered to participate in a hackathon of a technology, which was new to mostly everybody.

The event started by the organizer, Robert Nyman, presenting AndroidTV, followed by Erik Hellman, an Android Expert, who gave a quick intro into the new Leaback library for developing AndroidTV apps.

Shortly after the introduction, we jumped right into coding. Sitting next to Spotify's developer, Mattias Janson, who was working on Spotify's AndroidTV app, I started working on Rovio's Toons.TV AndroidTV app.
I'm sitting at bottom right side of the picture

The Leanback library seemed pretty straight forward and within a few hours I was able to develop a proof of concept of our Toons.TV app for AndroidTV. At the end of the event, we presented our work. Each team gave a quick demo of what they've accomplished.
Here I'm presenting proof of concept for Rovio's ToonsTV for AndroidTV
Finally, the top 3 demos won brand new Nexus Players. Unfortunately, I wasn't one of them, but I did make it to win a Chromecast and get AndroidTV dev kit! :) To my defense, I can say that the "competition" was a bit unfair, since other teams had 3 guys in them while I was a one man team ;)

All in all, it was a great experience and I enjoyed the company of professional Android developers. It was exciting to visit Google's offices in Stockholm. I got to learn new things and get tips from the experts.

Looking forward for my next hackathon.